Sleazy Slickers

From summer weight mesh to extra heavyweight lycra and hoods to full body sheets, we have a sleazy slicker that's just right for your horse!
Sleazy Slickers for Horses
Sleazy Slickers for Horses

Horse Slickers and Slinky Apparel: Horse slickers are essential for anyone who wants to keep their horse looking neat and tidy before a show, but these items can be costly and because your horse only wears them for a small amount of time, it may seem like a big splurge. When you shop with Schneiders, however, you can find high-quality horse slickers for prices that are much lower than our competitors, but still do the same great job. With stretchy material like Lycra and mesh with fleece-lined nosebands, these horse sleazies are some of the most comfortable and long-lasting that you'll find.

If you groom your horse and braid your horse's mane before a show, a slinky or slicker hood is a great way to keep him from getting dirty or loosening his braids before you hit the show ring. This stretchy Lycra sleazy fits comfortably over your horse's head, and it's lightweight and breathable so that you can use it even in the summertime. Schneiders' slickers press the mane down and keep the face and neck clean, and it comes in a wide variety of sizes to fit just about any breed of horse. If you want to match your slicker to the rest of your show gear and create a professional look throughout, you can also choose from a number of different slicker colors, including black, burgundy, blue and green.

If your horse needs more protection than just on his face and neck, Schneiders also carries full-body slinky wear items. These horse apparel items stretch over the head, neck and back to keep your hose from getting dirty or dusty after a grooming. While they offer unparalleled protection, they're still very comfortable to wear because of their stretchy Lycra material and soft polar fleece cuff around the neck. Many of these slickers even feature hook and loop closures and elastic belly straps to help you adjust the size to fit your horse exactly.

We carry sleazy slickers from top brands including Dura-Tech®, Equine Copper, Hidez®, Lux Ceramic Therapy®, UltraFlex®, and Sleazy Sleepwear™. No matter which slicker you choose, you can feel secure that your Schneiders horse sleazy will arrive quickly and keep you on budget.

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