Split Reins

Split Reins
Split Reins
Shop our large selection of traditional western split reins, from training split reins with snap attachments to top quality leather show split reins. A very versatile western rein, the split rein provides excellent communication between rider and horse. Shop top brands like Billy Royal®, Double S®, and more!
Billy Royal® Work Reins 5/8"
2 Colors
Double S Split Show Reins
31800_darkoil.jpg image Double S Split Show Reins
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Double S Split Show Reins
Double S® Buckstitch Reins
Rein Snap 5/8" Nickel Plate
Premier Training Reins With Snaps

How to Choose a Split Rein for You and Your Horse

The classic rein for western riding is the split rein. Split reins attach to the bit but do not attach to each other and are instead held together in the rider’s hand. Typically, split reins are made of a weighted leather along with various bit attaching options.

When choosing split reins look for top quality leather. Split reins are very versatile and traditionally long which allows you to customize their length. The rider may use split reins independently for training, or together, which is traditional for the show ring or on the ranch when your non-rein hand is used to open gates or needed for other tasks. In addition, riders may choose a split rein based on how it attaches to the bit. Which option you choose might be of convenience or aesthetic appeal, whichever suits your needs.

Split reins with concho ends provide an easy way to change bits and reins with a decorative stylish flair.

Buckle end split reins provide a neat and easy attachment to the bit that lasts for years. Brass buckles are top quality providing years of use without discoloration.

Split reins with leather water tie ends are traditional and attached to the bit with a leather tie.

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