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Horse surcingles are important pieces of training equipment for groundwork on the lunge line or in hand. We offer a large selection of horse surcingles in leather, neoprene and web/leather combinations with various ring placement options. Shop top brands for horse surcingles like Premier, Billy Royal, Dura-Tech®and more.
Premier Multi-Ring Surcingle
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Premier Fits All Surcingle
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Billy Royal® Multi-Ring Training Surcingle
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Dura-Tech® Deluxe Neoprene Surcingle
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Dura-Tech® Fleece Surcingle Pad
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Dura-Tech® Fleece Surcingle Pad
Dura-Tech® Airflow Surcingle Pad
Victor Supreme Gene Lacroix Multi-Ring Training Surcingle
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Dura-Tech® Smarter Jockey
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Victor Supreme Fits All Training Surcingle
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Surcingles for Horses

Surcingles are an important piece of horse training tack for both English and Western riders. Surcingles are used during groundwork for lunging with side reins and in-hand with long lines or driving lines to help improve fitness and train the horse.

A surcingle is a versatile tool with multiple ring placements to utilize other training tack like side reins to achieve desired flexion while developing the proper frame.

Training surcingles at their basic form is a strap designed from leather, nylon or neoprene that fastens around the horse's girth commonly with attached rings for additional pieces of training tack. We offer several styles of training surcingles from Premier, Billy Royal® and Dura-Tech®. We also have surcingle pads, blinker hoods, leather cruppers and other essential training equipment.

Premier offers an extremely durable, entry-level tack constructed from top quality buffalo leather using the British tradition. They also have a web and leather training surcingle, which is economically priced and lightweight. It's made from cotton web and reinforced leather straps and bindings with padding, leather reinforced rings and adjustable girth. Their dual western tie strap surcingle will fit any western girth, and it includes padding for withers and shoulders plus rugged brass hardware. It's designed to fit nearly every horse breed from yearling to adult.

Premier's multi-ring surcingle is excellent for every age of horse, and the premium leather is hand rubbed and oiled. Its single billet design with roller buckles ensures a snug fit, while training rings provide support for various training levels. Girth rings provide added versatility.

The Billy Royal® multi-ring training surcingle is extremely versatile. It can be used by any experience level, from children to seasoned professionals, for teaching collection, flexibility and head position. It provides multiple training levels and is made from hand-rubbed, supple leather. Features include solid brass buckles, rings and hardware, and it's reinforced for optimal durability.

You can choose from different styles of Dura-Tech® surcingles made from materials such as strong nylon web and breathable heavy-duty neoprene. Features of the various models include non-slip fit, lightweight durability, padding at the shoulder and wither, stainless steel or brass plated hardware for easy adjustments and rings that are placed to allow for all training levels. There are also nylon web straps and a wide girth with breathable neoprene.

Dura-Tech® surcingle pads protect the horse's wither and shoulder from rubbing while keeping air circulating for greater comfort during training. Choose from lightweight poly cotton or thick foam fiber covered with fleece.

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