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Sweet Iron Bits

Sweet Iron Bits
Sweet Iron Bits
Famous for their attractive taste to horses, the sweet iron bit is popular among Western riders. Available in a wide variety of bit types such as the sweet iron snaffle bit, shank sweet iron bit or the sweet iron ported bit. Shop top sweet iron bit brands like Dutton, Myler, Professional’s Choice, FES and more.
Myler Comfort Snaffle with Copper Roller
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FES Loomis Cheek Spoon Bit
FES Jointed Training Snaffle
Myler Ported Barrel Bit
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FES Cathedral Mouth Bit with Dots

The Sweet Iron Bit – A Taste that Horse’s Prefer

The sweet iron bit is named after the iron that the mouthpiece is made from. As the black iron rusts, its taste promotes the production of salvia, helping the horse accept and carry the bit.

Available in almost every style of bit, the Western rider is able to combine both the function of the bit design with the taste of the sweet iron.

A popular sweet iron bit is the sweet iron snaffle. As with all snaffles, the sweet iron snaffle works by applying direct pressure to the lips, corners of the mouth and tongue of the horse.

If you are looking for a leverage bit, the sweet iron bit is also available in a shank bit style, with or without ports.

Sometimes a sweet iron bit is combined with copper rollers or twisted mouthpiece. Although the overall function of the bit might change, the use of sweet iron consistently promotes saliva and acceptance of the bit.

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