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Twisted Snaffle Bits

Twisted Snaffle Bits
Twisted Snaffle Bits
English and Western twisted wire snaffle bits available in slow twist snaffle, double twist and dog bone styles made in stainless steel, sweet iron and copper. Choose cheek options from loose ring twisted wire, D ring, shank, kimberwick and swept back. Shop top brands like Dutton, Weaver®, FES and more.
FES Slow Twist Full Cheek
FES Slow Twist D Ring Snaffle Bit

Twisted Wire Snaffle Bits – English & Western Bits for Quick Response on Light Contact

The twisted wire snaffle bit is fine-tuning bit working on the tongue and the corners and lips of the horse’s mouth. A bit that only requires a light touch to engage, the twisted snaffle bit is considered a refinement or correction bit, to be used when the horse has become desensitized to their regular bit.

Snaffle bits with twisted wire come in two mouthpiece diameters, the regular twist, which is narrow and the slow twist which has a thicker mouthpiece. Although both styles are more severe than a regular mouth snaffle, the slow twist snaffle is softer than the regular twist.

Available in many cheek styles the twisted snaffle’s action can be combined with cheek ring actions. Loose ring twisted wire, D ring twisted wire, kimberwicks with twisted wire, tear drop shanks, and swept back shanks are all available with twisted wire mouthpieces.

Fine quality twisted wire snaffle bits are made from stainless steel, sweet iron and copper.

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