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Ulcer & Digestive Supplements for Horses

Ulcer & Digestive Supplements for Horses
Ulcer & Digestive Supplements for Horses
Shop Schneiders to find a top-rated digestive or ulcer supplement for horses suffering from common gastric issues. We offer easy-to-administer powders, gels and liquids to treat horse ulcer syndrome, stomach lesions and other common equine digestive issues.
UlcerGard® (Omeprazole)
Ulser Shield
$34.99 - $59.99
Succeed™ Digestive Conditioning Program
$114.99 - $189.99
Free Shipping
dac® Cool Gut
$39.99 - $124.99
dac® Digestive Aid
$36.99 - $109.99
New Item
Free Shipping
dac® Orange Superior
$29.99 - $94.99
Gut Health® 128oz
ExcelEQ™ 128oz

Find the Right Ulcer Supplement for Horses

Today's demands on your horse can have an adverse effect on his delicate digestive system. Factors including weaning, training, trailering, confinement and anxiety are just some of the stresses that can cause digestive imbalances. These formulas are uniquely designed to promotes healing and prevention of ulcers or to guard against abdominal distress and discomfort. They can also help boost your horse’s energy levels.

The fact of the matter is that some horses are just more prone to developing ulcers and gastrointestinal disorders than others. Fermentation and starch overload can cause an imbalance in pH, developing into gut irritation, stomach lesions and other common problems. Horses may also develop Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome, which leaves them in a state of pain and discomfort, lowering performance. Your equine health management program should include balancing equine supplements that help treat and prevent ulcers and other common digestive issues.

We know it can be a challenge to get stubborn horses to take specific supplements, especially if they’re already suffering from digestive woes. However, these products come in palatable powders, treats and liquids or easy-to-administer oral syringes so your horse gets the perfect dosage each time with no struggle. We offer gentle, effective digestive supplements for horses on all sorts of diets, including high-grain diets, training or stall rest. We also have formulas specifically designed for high-level performance horses to keep them performing at their best.

The Best Equine Supplement Brands

Schneiders offers equine digestive supplements by the best, most trusted brands in the industry, and we’ve been in the business since 1948, so you can rest easy when you partner with us for your supplemental needs. Shop top products by dac®, Succeed®, UlcerGuard, Probios® and more to build a carefully tailored diet that addresses your horse’s specific needs. We offer a complete array of equine supplements for all the most common horse-related health problems and dietary deficiencies, so be sure to browse our complete selection to tailor the perfecthorse supplementprogram for your horse.

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