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Walking Horse and Gaited Horse Bits

Walking Horse and Gaited Horse Bits
Walking Horse and Gaited Horse Bits
The three most popular bits for gaited and walking horses are the snaffle, curb and the gag bit. Shop our extensive selection of snaffle bits, curb bits and gag bits for your gaited or walking horse. Shop top gaited and walking horse bit brands like Myler, FES, Dutton and more!
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Popular Bits for the Gaited Horse and the Walking Horse

The gaited horse and the walking horse are commonly in long-shanked curb bits. Leverage bits are thought to aid with the upright head carriage of a gaited horse.

Some riders of the gaited horse and walking horse use a traditional snaffle bit in training. A snaffle bit is a direct pressure bit, versus a leveraged bit like a curb. Snaffle bits may have a straight mouth, jointed mouth or a double-jointed mouthpiece in a variety of materials like stainless steel, sweet iron, copper or in combination.

Another popular bit for gaited horses and walking horses is the gag bit. A gag bit promotes the horse to lift its head by applying an upward pressure on the corners mouth. With the gag, the cheek pieces of the bridle run through holes in the bit rings and proceed directly onto the reins. When the reins are used by the rider, the bit travels up the cheekpieces, drawing the gaited horse‘s head up.

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