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Western Bits

Western Bits
Western Bits
Western horse bits are really not one type of bit, but different types of bits that are commonly used on western horses. Bits popular with the western horse and rider are curb bits or shank bits, snaffle bits, and various types of corrections bits. Our western bits are available in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, sweet iron, Happy Mouth, rubber and more. Shop western bits top brands like Myler, Professional’s Choice®, Dutton, FES and more!
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Popular Western Bits from Schneider Saddlery

Using the right bit is the key to good communication with your western horse. We carry a wide selection of western horse bits in all styles and levels of pressure, from snaffle to curb bits with high ports. When people think of the western bit they often visualize a bit with a shank. Many shanks in the western world are adorned with silver engraved plates or just decoratively engraved themselves, making them not only functional but beautiful. We have a large selection of western bits with shanks in various lengths, styles and functions.

For western schooling and training bits a popular go to bit is the snaffle. Snaffle bits come in a variety of cheek piece shapes such as a loose ring, d-ring and eggbutt snaffle. The mouthpieces of a snaffle bit can be straight, jointed or double-jointed in nature. A Tom Thumb snaffle is not actually a snaffle at all as it has a shank. Snaffle bits apply direct pressure to the horse without leverage.

The curb bit is a leverage bit, applying pressure on the mouth, chin, and the poll and if curb bit also has a ported mouthpiece, pressure will also be applied to the tongue and the palate. The curb bit or shank bit are very popular with western riders.

Correction bits commonly have a ported mouthpiece, most having swivel cheeks or are spring loaded. Some correction bits like the kimberwicks, have hooks for use with a curb chain. Correction Bits help with training your western horse more effectively. These bits give you a bit of extra leverage while in the saddle, enhancing pressure on the chin and bars while holding the tongue.

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