Western Spurs

What are spurs used for? It's very simple: They help direct a horse to move either forward or laterally and help to support commands.
Western Spurs and Spur Straps
Western Spurs and Spur Straps
Select the right spur for the discipline. Spurs enhance leg pressure and limit leg movement while initiating momentum. Used correctly, your horse will respond to "cues" effectively, effortlessly. Duller rowels are perfect to add additional pressure.
FES Engraved Pleasure Horse Spur
2 Colors
FES Antique Rhinestone Spurs
18270_crystal.jpg image FES Antique Rhinestone Spurs
18270_blue.jpg image
FES Antique Rhinestone Spurs
FES Black Steel Gooseneck Western Spurs
$29.99 - $41.99
FES Engraved Pleasure Spur
FES Black Pleasure Spur

Western Boot Spurs:

For thousands of years, riding spurs have been a way for riders to communicate with their horses. Our Western spurs will assist you in sending the right signals to your horse while adding bold style to Western attire. Most equestrians use spurs to aid with impulsion, but they can also give precise cues for more complex events. All of this is done in a subtle way that's often imperceptible to the audience.

We only offer the best Western show spurs and training spurs from FES, Metalab, Professional's Choice® and other leading brands. Regardless of which type you choose; you will receive a quality set of Western horse spurs at Schneiders. Order all-around spurs for everyday use or get spurs crafted for barrel racing, Western pleasure, roping, trail and other event disciplines.

You'll discover stunning boot spurs in antique bronze, stainless steel, black steel with silver filigree, copper, silver plate, stainless steel with black satin, antique rhinestone and black filigree. Some styles have an engraved overlay, while others feature silver florals and other designs. Choose from simpler polished spurs and highly ornate ones, according to your personal preference.

Western spurs come with different rowels to suit your needs. An 8-point rowel with rounded tips requires minimal foot movement to distribute the pressure across a wider area. Their 10-point blunt end spur is milder, while other models have a gentle bumper on the side of the heel that's ideal for new riders and more sensitive horses. Cloverleaf rowels provide just the right amount of encouragement and are also good for beginners. We also have Western pleasure horse spurs, with 10-point rounded tip rowels and hinged button for easy attachment. There are fancy show spurs with different rowel designs suited for specific types of horses and riders with different experience levels. Some styles allow for interchangeable rowels.

Western Spur Straps:

These decorative accents can add a lot of style to your boots while also keeping the spurs nicely in place. Our selection of spur straps also come in sizes for women, men and kids. Billy Royal® and Double S have crafted meticulously designed spur straps. Made with exquisite detail, these spur straps use the highest quality leather with stylish embellishments for a highly attractive appearance, whether you're trail riding or competing. High-end features include leather lining to protect your western boots and raised leather keepers to keep spurs tighter against the boot.

Billy Royal goes all out for their spur straps. With a wide range of styles, including shaped straps with decorative stainless-steel buckles, stainless steel studs and oval cart buckles, hand rubbed and oiled Hermann Oak leather, genuine cow hair and faux crocodile finish. Other styles have a basketweave pattern with stainless studs plus crystal and stud embellishments on concho and buckle, or a hand-tooled western oak leaf pattern and antique engraved bronze buckle with raised silver flower. All Billy Royal ladies' spur straps are proudly made in the U.S handcrafted by Amish artisans. Some models can be personalized with laser engraving for awards.

You'll also find Double S western spur straps that are a tremendous value. They're also made from beautifully handcrafted brushed leather that is nicely tooled in popular patterns. They have attractive features like an antique embossed appearance, basketweave and leaf pattern tooling, copper and silver studs, stainless steel buckles and leather lined straps.

Finding the right spurs for cowboy boots is easy when you shop at Schneiders. Our Western spurs and straps are available at a variety of price points to suit any budget. Find something that looks great while also improving your riding experience by browsing our full collection of Western equestrian supplies.

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