If you regularly ride or show during the cold winter months, you may have considered clipping your horse to keep their coats looking nice and to prevent overheating. With countless horse clippers on the market, it can feel overwhelming to find the right one. That’s why we broke down the different types of clippers and trimmers in this handy guide so that you can find the best one based on your horse’s needs.

The Different Types of Horse Clippers

There are different types of clippers for clipping the different areas of the horse, but they can be narrowed down to body clippers and trimmers.

Horse Body Clippers

Horse body clippers are designed to cut through thick, heavy winter coats easily without overheating or pulling on thick hairs. They are usually quite powerful and feature wide blades to cover larger areas of a horse’s body. Some body clippers come in cordless styles, so you can conveniently move around without the risk of a cord getting tangled.

Horse Trimmers

Horse trimmers, called “finishing clippers” or “pocket trimmers,” are smaller than body clippers. Designed to operate at a much quieter noise level, they can easily trim around a horse’s ears, face, muzzle, bridle path, eyes, and fetlocks. With trimmers, these areas can be delicately cleaned up after clipping.

What's the difference between horse clippers and trimmers?

Horse clippers are typically heavier-duty and more powerful than trimmers since they are designed for large areas of the body with thicker hair. Trimmers are better for touch-ups and sensitive parts of your horse, like their face, ears, and fetlocks.

How to Choose Horse Clippers

When choosing which horse clippers to purchase, you should think about the following points:

  1. Horse coat type (thick or fine): The thicker your horse’s coat is, the more power you will need in a set of heavy-duty clippers. Most robust clippers are corded, which provides more power. If your horse’s coat is pretty fine, you typically only need to invest in lighter-weight clippers, which are more likely to be cordless.

  2. Clipper power and speed: The more strokes per minute (SPM) a set of clippers offers, the faster your horse’s coat can be clipped, which can be helpful if your horse’s coat is extra thick or your horse is unsure of clippers. On the other hand, clippers with higher SPM can be prone to overheating.

  3. Noise level: If your horse is sensitive to noise or does not trust clippers, opt for a set that is quiet. Generally, more powerful clippers meant for thick coats produce greater noise.

  4. Cord vs. Cordless: If there is no nearby outlet, or you do not want to worry about tripping or your horse stepping on cords, cordless clippers are a safer option, but they may not be powerful enough to work on dense coats easily.

The Top Clipper Brands

With the many clipper brands on the market, knowing which brand to go with can be difficult. These are the top four clipper brands for horses right now:

  1. Andis
  2. Wahl
  3. Oster
  4. Lister

What size blade is best for clipping horses?

Blade size regarding clipping depends on how short you want your horse’s coat to be. The higher the clipper blade number, the shorter the cut. Sizes range from the ultra-short #40 to longer-coated #10. If you live in a colder climate or do not ride very often, you may wish to leave behind a slightly longer coat. If you ride frequently for long periods of time in mildly cold climates, you would use a blade size with a much higher number, resulting in closer clips. Most horse clippers include at least one set of blades, but not all brands are created equal, so double-check that you purchase compatible blades later on.

Can you use clipper blades on dogs?

You generally can use horse clippers on dogs, but always verify that you are using an appropriate blade since their hair coats may exhibit different textures or lengths.

The number of times you need to clip depends on your climate, activity levels, horse’s health, and how much work you want to do. For example, horses with clipped coats need more blanketing than those without fully natural coats. If you do decide to clip your horse, regular maintenance is key in ensuring your horse remains comfortable throughout the season while preventing a greater workload for you in the future. For more clipping tips and tricks, check out our guide below, so you can feel best prepared and ready to tackle your horse’s wooly coat this winter!

The 8 Best Clippers for Your Horse

Depending on how thick your horse’s coat is and how much maintenance you wish to do, finding the right clippers is paramount to keeping your horse neat and tidy without added stress. Below are our top 8 clippers to help your horse remain show-ring-ready and sweat-free throughout the season.

The Best Horse Body Clippers

    Andis AGC2 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Clipper

  1. Andis AGC2 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Clipper
  2. The professional grade Andis AGC2 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Clipper is quiet enough to please most sensitive horses with all coat types. This low-maintenance set of clippers even features shatter-proof housing with a locking switch button to prevent accidental shut off, so you can clip easily and efficiently like never before.

    Best for: Full-body clipping for all coat types
    Cord: 16' cord
    Speeds: 2-speeds
    Blade: A-5 detachable blades

    Lister Star Clippers

  3. Lister Star Clippers
  4. The Lister Star Clippers are the perfect all-around clipper. This set is powerful, fast, and lightweight, as it efficiently clips horses, dogs, cattle, and sheep. Plus, its motor is extra quiet, and the ventilated head prevents blades from overheating and causing discomfort.

    Best for: Full-body clipping for all coat types
    Cord: 16' cord
    Speeds: Single-speed
    Blade: A-2F detachable blade

    Groomers Edge Wall Mounted Power Clipper

  5. Groomers Edge Wall Mounted Power Clipper
  6. Cut faster and smoother than any other set with the Groomers Edge Wall Mounted Power Clipper. If your horse has thick, dense, dirty hair, these durable clippers are the perfect option, with their variable speed controls and 9000-blade SPM. The cable drive system even allows the clippers to remain cool, ensuring you can still clip horses in half the time.

    Best for: Full body clipping for horses with extra thick coats
    Cord: 20' cord
    Speeds: Variable
    Blade: A-5 blades

    Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Horse Clippers

  7. Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Horse Clippers
  8. The Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Horse Clippers are lightweight, cool running, and super versatile. They will get the job done quickly and efficiently, whether you are clipping your horse’s face and legs or large parts of their body. The infinite speed settings and adjustable tension make these clippers easy to handle, no matter how long you work on your horse.

    Best for: Detailed clipping
    Cord: 15' cord
    Speeds: Variable
    Blade: Detachable CryogenX blade

The Best Cordless Clippers and Trimmers

    Wahl Arco SE Cordless Clipper

  1. Wahl® Arco SE Cordless Clipper
  2. The Wahl Arco SE Cordless Clipper has everything you need for quick and efficient clips. Lightweight and comfortable, these clippers grant minimal vibration, so you can work on your whole horse, including large parts of their body to their delicate ears, without generating hand fatigue.

    Best for: Full body and detailed clipping
    Cord: Cordless
    Speeds: Single
    Blade: Detachable 5-in-1 Wahl blades

    Oster Pro 3000 Cordless Clipper

  3. Oster Pro 3000 Cordless Clipper
  4. Designed for heavy-duty performance, the rechargeable Oster Pro 3000 Cordless Clipper is lightweight yet powerful. These clippers are also quiet and hold a battery life of up to 2 hours on a single charge, great for regular upkeep or fresh shaves!

    Best for: All-purpose clipping
    Cord: Cordless
    Speeds: Single
    Blade: A5 detachable blades

    Andis Pulse Li 5 Cord/Cordless Clippers

  5. Andis® Pulse Li 5 Cord or Cordless Clippers
  6. If your horse is sensitive around their face, ears, muzzle, eyes, or fetlocks, the Andis Pulse Li 5 Cord/ Cordless Clippers might be the best tool. These lightweight clippers provide ample cutting versatility for areas that need extra precise trimming so you can finish the job quickly and seamlessly - all on a convenient 2-hour’s worth of rechargeable run time.

    Best for: Sensitive area clipping
    Cord: Optional cordless
    Speeds: Single
    Blade: Adjustable blade, from 40 to 9

    Wahl Super Pocket Pro Trimmer

  7. Wahl Super Pocket Pro Trimmer
  8. Ideal for show day touch-ups around your horse’s ears and whiskers, the Wahl Super Pocket Pro Trimmer is a true must-have. Concealable in the palm of your hand, this valuable tool is perfect for precision trimming without the inconvenience of cords or heavy clippers.

    Best for: Ears and whiskers
    Cord: Cordless
    Speeds: Single
    Blade: Wahl #40 blade and #40 T-blade