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Curb Bits

Curb Bits
Curb Bits
Curb bits or shank bits are popular western bits. The English Weymouth bit and pelham bit are also considered a curb bit. Curb bits are available in multiple mouthpieces included ported and jointed. Curb bit shanks are available in a variety of lengths and adornments. Shop stainless steel, copper, sweet iron and copper roller mouthpieces. Top curb bit brands like Myler, FES, Dutton and more!
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FG Clinician Omni Bit With Rubber Covered Bars
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How to Choose a Curb Bit or Shank Bit

The curb bit is a leverage bit, applying pressure on the horse’s mouth, chin, and poll. While a snaffle bit works by mostly applying pressure to the corners of the mouth, the shanks of a curb bit apply pressure to the poll by pulling down the crown of the bridle or headstall. The pressure is also applied to the chin with the curb strap, which also prevents the bit from rotating too far in the horse's mouth, preventing mouth damage.

Curb bits are available in many styles but they all work by applying pressure to the poll. The cheekpieces or shanks, come in many different styles and lengths and can be ornately decorated with silver overlays and engraving. Because the shanks on curb bits are so prominent, often they are called shank bits

Depending on the amount of leverage you need, you may choose from straight shanks, curved shanks or S-shaped shanks. In addition, the shanks are available in direct-attach models, swivel or have spring action.

Curb bits can have any of the following mouthpieces: straight, rollers, ports, or keys along with your choice of materials and combinations of metals. Myler® curb bits in ported and comfort snaffle styles are very popular and come in a variety of options.

FES curb bits and western curb bits are available many ported and snaffle options with various shank lengths and designs.

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