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Horse Compression Socks

Horse Compression Socks
Horse Compression Socks
Compression socks for horses help to facilitate circulation and minimize muscle fatigue. Available in a set of 4, a front pair of compression socks and hind pair. Shop top compression sock brands like Hidez(R).
Hidez® Original Compression Socks
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Hidez® Travel & Recovery Compression Suit
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Hidez® Travel & Recovery Compression Suit
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Equiflexsleeve - Horse
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Compression Socks for Horses – Helping to Increase Circulation

Horse compression socks work similarly to compression socks for humans. When the socks are worn they apply even pressure and increase circulation.

Helping to move fluid out of the leg, compression socks for horses help reduce stocking up by increasing circulation which helps to flush out extra fluid along with lactic acid which reduces soreness.

Horse compression socks can also be used while traveling to help ease muscle fatigue.

Made of breathable and moisture wicking material, horse compressions socks work while keeping your horse’s legs dry and cool.

Due to their powerful qualities, horse compression socks should only be used for a few hours at a time.

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