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Cold, Ice & Soaking Therapy

Cold, Ice & Soaking Therapy
Cold, Ice & Soaking Therapy
Keep your horse in top form with high-quality Ice Boots for Horses, Horse Soaking Boots and other cold therapy products from Schneiders. Hydrotherapy eases soreness, and our Game Ready Ice Machine takes reliable dry cold therapy on the road.
Dura-Tech® Cooling Gel Wrap
$54.99 - $71.99
$39.99 - $49.99
5/A Baker Ice Boots
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Hoof Wraps Hoof Soaker
5 Colors
Jack's Ice Boots
41731_black.jpg image Jack's Ice Boots
41731_hunter.jpg image Jack's Ice Boots
41731_navy.jpg image Jack's Ice Boots
41731_red.jpg image Jack's Ice Boots
41731_royal.jpg image
Jack's Ice Boots
Dura-Tech® Thermacool Hot/Cold Therapy Boots
New Item
Jacks Whirlpool Boots With Compressor
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Use Ice Boots for Horses to Heal & Increase Performance

Cold therapy is an important part of maintaining your horse’s health and improving their performance. When an injury occurs, swelling is often the body’s first response. Applying cold therapy as soon as possible can reduce swelling and get the healing started.

We make it easier to give your horse an added edge on healing with high-quality ice horse boots, horse soaking boots or dry cold compression units. When the cold therapy stays in place on its own, you save time and effort while still treating your horse effectively.

Horse soaking boots give 360-degree aeration for convenient all-over relief of ankle and hoof pain. Complete with compressor, hoses, boots and suspenders, this portable whirlpool experience treats a variety of issues with cold or warm water.

For dry cold therapy that combines with compression, the Game Ready Ice Machine is ideal both before and after workouts, as well as an effective treatment for cellulitis and tendonitis.

Effective and Convenient Cold Therapy Choices

Our Cold, Ice and Soaking Therapy Collection brings you a wide selection of adjustable, reusable and portable treatment options to fit your horse’s needs. With trusted brands like Jacks, IceHorse® and Professional’s Choice®, you’re getting the best therapy products for your horse from the Schneider family. We’ve been committed to improving the equine industry since 1948, and we stand behind all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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