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Insta Hot® Rapid Freeze Fix

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Insta Hot® Rapid Freeze Fix
Did you forget to drain your Insta-Hot® during freezing temperatures? This useful tool can help fix and prolong the life of your Insta-Hot® after any accidentally cracked pipes due to the result of freeze damage. RapidFix is an advanced polymer adhesive that can quickly - sometimes instantly - bond most materials to themselves or another material. The welding powder is a complementary formulation that enables even stronger bonds and can repair holes, cracks, and gaps. Apply on any cracked pipe that occurs after freeze damage on Insta-Hot® units.

  1. Saturate one side of the break with RapidFix
  2. Press the parts together and hold for a few moments
  3. Saturate the seam with RapidFix a second time
  4. Immediately add the welding powder
  5. Repeat steps #3-#4 around the joint
  6. Wipe off the excess welding powder

  • Fix cracked or damaged pipes on your Insta-Hot® unit after accidental freeze damage if you forgot to drain the unit and have damaged
  • Prolong the life of your portable hot water heating unit even in the event of freeze damage
  • RapidFix uses an advanced polymer adhesive that quickly, almost instantly, bonds most materials for strong bonds to repair holes, cracks, or gaps on pipes
  • 5ml bottle
  • **This product is recommended for damage to the heat exchanger due to outside causes such as force or freezing. This fix is not guaranteed and does not restore your warranty once your water heater has been damaged by an outside cause

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