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Pelham Bits

Pelham Bits
Enhance your precision in the ring by selecting from our wide variety of pelham bits, a multi-action bit that leverages both poll pressure and direct pressure to the bars and corners of the mouth. Choose from various different sizes and styles to find the perfect Pelham horse bit for your and your horse.

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Everything You Need to Know About Pelham Bits

Pelham bits are a unique kind of bit that combine the design of a snaffle bit and curb bit to allow riders to give precise instructions to their horse while riding. The Pelham bit has a shank, usually with two rings and a curb chain, to keep the bit from rotating too much. Pelham bits usually have two main rings: a snaffle ring, and a curb ring. Pelham bits are almost always used for double bridles and riders use the two sets of reins for the snaffle rings and the curb rings.

Pelham bits are also a great option for riders with horses who are usually well behaved but might need a stronger bit at points. When the horse is listening to the rein aids the rider can use the snaffle rein and when they are getting strong the rider can use the curb rein to give them a stronger command.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pelham Bits

What does a Pelham bit do for a horse?

The Pelham bit allows riders to use different leverages to achieve their desired result. The combination of a snaffle and curb style allows riders to be more precise when giving horses hand aids. When the snaffle rein is used the horse receives instruction from the top ring of the bridle which is milder. When the rider uses the curb rein the horse gets a more severe command since the curb rein uses leverage by putting pressure on the horse's poll, bars, and roof of the mouth.

Is a Pelham bit allowed in dressage?

Pelham bits are not allowed in dressage. They are mainly used by hunters, jumpers, and eventers

Can you jump in a Pelham bit?

You can jump in a pelham bit, however it is very important that you do not hit the horse in the mouth while you jump as it can be very painful when they are wearing a pelham bit.

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