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Shank Snaffle Bits

Shank Snaffle Bits
Shank Snaffle Bits
Shank snaffle bits available in all makes and styles for your Western horse. Shank bits for your horse in short shank, long shank, single snaffle mouthpiece or double-jointed dog bone mouthpieces. Quality stainless steel, copper, rubber in ported and roller mouthpiece options. From top brand names like Dutton, Metalab, Myler, FES, Professional’s Choice, Weaver and more.
Myler HBT Shank Low Port Comfort Snaffle Bit
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FES F.G. Aluminum Smooth Snaffle
FES Twisted Wire Snaffle Bit
FES Jointed Training Snaffle
Myler Comfort Snaffle with Copper Roller
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FES Tom Thumb Snaffle

The Snaffle Bit with Shanks – Shank Bits for the Western Horse

The shanked snaffle bit is a popular bit for the Western horse and is available in many styles and options.

A Western shank bit is often available in different shank lengths and options. The length of the shank influences the severity of the bit, the longer the more severe. A short shank correction bit is a common short-shanked Western bit.

In addition to the length of the shank, some shanks are ornately engraved or adorned, some sport a swept-back shank or tear drop style versus a straight shank.

Another option available in a shank bit for horses is a fixed shank or a swivel shank. Swivel shanks allow each side of the bit to be actioned individually providing more flexibility and lateral control.

A snaffle bit with shanks refers to the commonly seen jointed mouthpiece but shouldn’t be confused with a snaffle bit. Snaffle bits work with direct pressure, but any shanked bit is a leverage bit and more severe than a snaffle.

Shank bits for horses have a variety of mouthpiece options from the single jointed snaffle with shanks to a ported mouthpiece with shanks. In addition to action, shank bits are also available in various materials such as stainless steel, copper, rubber coated, and sweet iron. Some bits are made with multiple materials such as a stainless-steel mouthpiece with copper dog bone or copper roller.

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