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Horse Training Reins

Horse Training Reins
Horse Training Reins
Horse training reins for both English and western riding are perfect for everyday schooling or training young horses. Training reins are available in many types including split, loop, romel, braided, plaited and rubber reins. Other horse training reins include side reins and draw reins. Shop top brands like 5 Star, Billy Royal®, Dura-Tech®, Victor Supreme and more!
Billy Royal® Work Reins 5/8"
Rein Snap 5/8" Nickel Plate
Double S® Buckstitch Reins
Dura-Tech® Elastic Neck Stretcher
Billy Royal® Work Reins 3/8"
Rubber Rein Stops
Premier Training Reins With Snaps
Weaver® Deluxe Leather Tie Down Strap
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Dura-Tech® Heavy Neck Stretcher
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Horse Training Reins for Riding Available at Schneiders

In most Western riding disciplines, cueing a horse starts with the reins. Bridles, horse bits and other tack are certainly important, but a good set of reins is the biggest difference in sending a proper signal. At Schneiders, you can find one of the largest selections of Western horse training reins. Since 1948, we have been a leader in Western horse tack, and our training and work reins are trusted by professional and amateur riders around the world. We are proud to carry Billy Royal® reins, Dura-Tech® reins, 5 Star reins and other quality brands at unbeatable prices.

There are many types of Western horse reins to choose from, and our expert service team is happy to assist you in finding the right set. Each style is designed to have excellent weight and balance so you send clear signals every time. Split reins are the most commonly used Western reins, and we have harness leather split reins, leather braided split reins, cotton/polyester split reins and others that are durable and supple. Our inventory also includes classic loop reins that are easier to hold on to, side reins for training, romel reins for Arabian Western classes and much more.

Our Western training rein choices don't end there. Selecting the end connector on reins is vital for the right combination of strong hold and ease of use. We offer Western reins with water tie bit ends that limit movement, scissor snaps or bolt snaps that allow for quick changes and slot ends that attach to the bit ring with no hardware necessary. If you are using a martingale during training, check out reins with martingale stops that stop the martingale rings from interfering with the bit.

Professional Draw Reins and Side Reins for Horses

These Western draw reins and side reins are used to train horses, encouraging them to flex at the poll and use their back and hindquarters to carry themselves in balance and straight. These training aids are intended for use only by professional horse trainers.

English Training Reins:

Training reins are perfect for schooling horses between shows or starting young horses. Single, split and draw rein variety to achieve your desired goal. Draw reins for designed to be used when riding the horse with a saddle, bridle, mild snaffle bit and standard reins. They're recommended for flatwork use. If used for jumping, they must be fed through a neck strap so that they don't get in the way of the horse's legs. Side reins are not intended for use while riding, but instead, they're meant as a training aid with a horse under saddle, on a lunge line or for doing in-hand work. Side reins can be used either with a saddle or with a lunging surcingle.

Billy Royal® is a company known for exceptional quality products. We have their harness leather pulley draw reins, leather pulleys for draw reins, all-leather draw reins and side reins. Pulleys are used to let reins slide freely to eliminate pinching and binding. This model also has solid brass hardware and snaps, plus a single-piece design. If you need a replacement pulley or wish to convert standard reins to pulley draw reins, we have that also. Billy Royal's all-leather draw reins can be used for schooling, training or warming up prior to entering the ring. When used correctly, they help to reinforce head carriage and balance. Billy Royal has equipment designed for all breeds and is made using only the best leather and hardware.

Our Dura-Tech® draw reins and side reins combine quality and affordability. Depending on the style, they have features like soft yet extremely durable cotton-poly rope or heavy-duty nylon web construction, single-piece design with reinforced snaps, sliding snaps for pulley action, nickel-plated hardware, easy-to-attach snaps, adjustability and versatility for all disciplines.

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