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Grazing Muzzles

Grazing Muzzles
Grazing Muzzles
Cut down your horse’s pasture intake with the finest selection of grazing muzzles. We carry several types of muzzles to control grass overconsumption and calorie intake. Order leading muzzle brands such as Best Friend®, Dura-Tech® and Tough 1®.
Tough 1 Easy Breathe Deluxe Grazing Muzzle
$39.99 - $43.99
$28.99 - $39.99
3 Colors
Merino Sheepskin Noseband Liner - Horse
36408_black.jpg image Merino Sheepskin Noseband Liner - Horse
36408_tan.jpg image Merino Sheepskin Noseband Liner - Horse
36408_brown.jpg image
Just Merino Sheepskin Noseband Liner - Horse
Replacement Disk

Do You Need a Horse Muzzle?

Horses are natural grazing animals, and pasture consumption is part of any diet. However, excessive grass eating can cause serious health problems. Green plants contain large amounts of sugar and starch. Overconsumption may lead to horse obesity as well as metabolic disorders like insulin resistance.

A grazing muzzle puts the clamps on pasture overindulgence. They consist of a nylon webbing basket and a plastic bottom plate with a small hole. When placed over a horse or pony’s mouth, the muzzle only allows them to bite and swallow grass blades that stick through the hole. This restricts pasture consumption without reducing pasture time. Muzzles also help control cribbing and other bad behavior.

A Full Selection of Muzzles for Grazing

Horse grazing muzzles are available in several sizes and colors. A muzzle with an adjustable halter allows you to lead and handle the animal. Grazing muzzles with breakaway collars improve safety in case the horse gets caught or tangled.

A horse muzzle liner is another good device to own. Merino sheepskin noseband liners for horses prevent rubbing in sensitize areas and make the muzzle more comfortable. Schneiders also has replacement muzzle disks if yours is damaged.

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