Arabian Show Halters, Leads & Chains

Arabian Show Halters and Show Leads
Arabian Show Halters and Show Leads
For over 40 years Schneiders and Billy Royal® have been the largest and foremost supplier of Arabian Show equipment in the world. Our ongoing relationship with many of the nation's premier trainers have allowed us to continually develop creative designs to enhance your fine Arabians.
2 Colors
Arabian Horse Head Conchos
18403_silver.jpg image Arabian Horse Head Conchos
18403_gold.jpg image
Arabian Horse Head Conchos
2 Colors
Premier Flat Leather Show Leads 7' x 5/8"
10800_brown.jpg image Premier Flat Leather Show Leads 7' x 5/8"
10800_black.jpg image
Premier Flat Leather Show Leads 7' x 5/8"
$34.99 - $39.99
3 Colors
Arabian Throatlatch Cable Style
10806_silver.jpg image Arabian Throatlatch Cable Style
10806_gold.jpg image Arabian Throatlatch Cable Style
10806_black.jpg image
Arabian Throatlatch Cable Style
$17.99 - $19.99
Billy Royal® Royal 100 Thread
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Billy Royal® Royal 100 Thread
Billy Royal® Braided Thread
Free Shipping
Arab Concho Wire Back

Arabian Show Halters

Designed and endorsed by professional trainers around the world, our Arabian show halters from distinguished manufacturer Billy Royal® are the highest quality, when you want only the best for your champion. These halters will bring out the natural beauty of your Arabian's head. We have Arabian halters in various styles, and they all offer exceptional control and elegance. They are made with the finest detail and superb craftsmanship. Choose from classic thread halters, braided thread halters and thread controllers with gold rings.


Finished in premium patent leather, the original classic thread halters feature heavy duty cable and gold or silver-plated hardware and rings. The crown piece is adjustable for the right fit. Various sizes are available. Their Padron classic style Arabian halter also has extremely durable cable thread that's finished in patent leather, with stylish bit ends and crown.


For something a bit more ornate, choose the braided thread Arabian show halter. It's a sophisticated style that accentuates your horse's beautiful features. Strong cable is covered with hand braided, rolled leather or patent leather, and the cable is welded and reinforced for long-lasting strength. These are comfortable and soft for your horse to wear, with an adjustable crown.


The Billy Royal® thread controllers give you added control and security with the same elegance and style as the other models. They're also made from rugged cable that's finished in soft patent leather, with adjustable crown. Choose from silver or gold rings. Their Royal 100 thread model is a special design with ferrules along the nose and cheeks. It has an open ring design and reinforced noseband and cheek. This style comes in black with gold, silver or both.


Arabian Show Leads / Chains

These Arabian show leads and matching chains are exquisitely designed to add a sophisticated touch to a beautiful show halter. We have exceptionally well-designed tapered end leads and flat leather show leads from Billy Royal®. At Schneiders, you'll find high-end gear such as these show leads at competitive prices. For those interested in an even more affordable option, our Premier flat leather show leads, made with soft and supple imported leather, are a terrific value.

We have top quality Billy Royal® flat leather Arabian show leads that are preferred by top trainers. They're made from premiere leather with superior workmanship and heavy-duty hardware with reinforced hand stops. The supple hand rubbed and oiled harness leather has a soft, comfortable feel, and the solid brass buckles can be perfectly matched with brass chain and halters that have brass rings.

After you've chosen your show lead, match it up with a beautiful Arabian show halter chain. We have several styles to choose from. There's the fine link Argon weld Arabian show chain with keyring and oval ends. It's made from heavy-duty material for greater control. The heavy-duty chrome plated chain can convert a standard lead rope into a shank, and it provides added control for schooling and other situations. Heavy-duty solid brass and brass plated chains can also be added to a standard lead rope, and they're ideal for schooling leads and lunge lines. The solid brass model is especially resistant to corrosion and rust. The extra heavy-duty Arabian chain is extremely durable, with triangular ends that can easily pass through halter rings. Different lengths and widths are available.

You'll also find FES bit clips, for attaching a bit to any leather thread Arabian halter, and adjustable in-hand adapter straps that convert a bridle or halter for in-hand use. Complete your Arabian show halters with delicate throatlatches and distinctive conchos. Coordinate accents to perfectly match the halter rings for elegant appeal.

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