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Game Ready Therapy

Game Ready Therapy
Game Ready Therapy
The Game Ready® Ice Machine combines the benefits of active compression and dry cold therapy for a powerful prevention and treatment tool you can take on the road. Schneiders brings you the latest equine technology with flexible financing options and free shipping on qualifying orders.
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Game Ready®
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How Compression and Cold Therapy Speed Recovery

Compression therapy has long been a standard of care for athletes and other people to manage inflammation or boost circulation. The science behind the practice is sound: Applying compression strategically on the body can encourage blood to flow from the extremities to the heart and lungs, reducing the swelling that can occur when blood flow stagnates.

The application of ice or cold wraps to sore muscles or swollen injuries has been a commonsense treatment for millennia.

The Game Ready Machine not only combines these proven effective treatments — it takes them to the next level with a portable, easy-to-use system. Self-closing wraps are designed for use on front and back legs with additional options for your horse’s back and other accident-prone areas.

Adjustable temperature and compression levels make it easy to give your horse the soothing therapy they need to recover from exercise or heal from sprains, tendonitis, cellulitis and other ailments.

Your Trusted Source for Quality, Service and Performance

Since 1948, Schneiders has been a passionate advocate for value, quality, customer service and innovation in the equestrian industry. We strive to bring you the best therapeutic and technological resources for your horse’s optimal health and performance. For superior products like the Game Ready Machine, we offer flexible financing options that allow you to give your horse the best treatment available.

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