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Schneiders® Blanket Wash
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Schneiders® Blanket Wash view #1
Schneiders® Blanket Wash view #2
Schneiders® Blanket Wash view #3

Schneiders® Blanket Wash

  • Non-ionic formula extensively tested in our laundry
  • Safe to use on waterproof turnouts, stable blankets and sheets, coolers, saddle pads and wraps.
  • Deep cleans while leaving waterproofing intact
  • Lifts out heaviest soil, can be used in any water temperatures
  • Environmentally friendly - phosphate free and bio-degradable
  • Medium sudsing, rinses easily, leaves no residue - will not irritate skin
  • 16 oz. (will wash 8 average sized blankets) or 32 oz. (will wash 16 average sized blankets)
  • Made in the USA

  • Works best with Schneiders Odor Eliminator
full description
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Schneiders® Blanket Wash 16 oz.

in stock
40% Off $29.99 $17.99

Schneiders® Blanket Wash 32oz

in stock
44% Off $49.99 $27.99
Schneiders Blanket Wash is an extra strength formula effective for the heaviest soil. Leaves no residue and is non-irritating. Schneiders Blanket Wash is environmentally friendly, phosphate-free and bio-degradable. It will not compromise waterproofing. The blanket wash is low sudsing and rinses easily. Schneiders Blanket Wash is a detergent that does it all, in any water temperature, it evens brightens colors! Gets blankets and pads amazingly clean. Concentrated formula, 1 (16 oz) bottle does 8 loads
Home Washing:
(Effective for both front and top loading machines)
Add 2 oz. per load
For best results, use warm (not hot) water
Caution- do not use bleach, fabric softener or other additives when laundering waterproof breathable blankets
Commercial Washing Machine:
Add 2-5 oz. depending on size of load
For best results, use warm (not hot) water
See cautions above
Hand Washing:
Add 2-3 oz. per 5 gallons of water and agitate by hand
For stubborn odors, use Schneiders Odor Eliminator

Great clean up!


Keeps the waterproofing in tact.


Hillsboro Oregon


Very useful


Love this blanket wash. I use it on all my stuff that's waterproof like dog blankets, jackets, snow pants,etc.


West Sunbury PA


Schneiders Blanket Wash


Cleans well without taking away waterproofing. Clean smell after washing, not strong


New Mexico


Works Wonders


This is my first time cleaning blankets on my own and gave this a try. It's says use 2-5 ounces and I only used the 2 per load. Everything came out fantastic !! Smells good and everything came out so clean, washed blankets and saddle pads and still have lots leftover. I'll be doing my own blankets from now on. Love this wash product !!

New fan of Schneider's

Haverhill, MA


Blanket wash


Product cleans well. I only use 1/2 amount ..otherwise to much foam in my he washer.




I would buy this product again.


Cleans fairly well.




Great product.


I use to wash all of our hors blankets and saddle pads.




Best blanket wash ever


Really good at reducing odors and stains


New York

I buy this product over all other blanket washes


I own and operate a horse blanket laundering and repair business, and this is the only blanket wash I will use! This combined with their odor remover will remove almost every smell... And I've had some blankets that smelled like death, afterwards there's no smell at all! Really great stuff.

Equinewear Laundering

Clatskanie, Or




I used this blanket wash for the first time and was very pleases with the results. My blankets came out clean, fresh and without any color loss. You do NOT need to use a lot of this wash to get your blankets clean. The directions suggest 2-5 oz in a commercial washer. I had very dirty blankets, used 5 measured ounces in a commercial double loader and it was way to sudsy. I needed to double rinse to get all the suds out. Just means a little goes a long way :)




4.9 37


What are the ingredients in this product?


Our blanket wash is a propriety blend of organic ingredients designed to effectively clean blankets while retaining their waterproof properties. We do have a MSDS sheet available through Customer Service for additional information.


Does this blanket wash negate the warranty on Schneider's waterproof turnout blankets?


No, we recommend this blanket wash to be used on our blankets. It is formulated to protect the waterproofing properties in our horsewear.


Is this fragrance free? If not, can you describe the fragrance? Thanks!


Yes, this is fragrance free.


Can this be used in front load washing machines that require HE washing detergent?


Yes you can. This wash can be used in any machine, or even a bucket. I use it to wash my down blanket from my bed. Saves tons on dry cleaning.     ###- Please type your reply above this line -### Can you answer Bethany's question about this product? Schneiders® Blanket Wash 16 oz. "Can this be used in front load washing machines that require HE washing detergent?" Simply Reply to this email Thank you in advance if you are able to answer the question. Your email address will not be shared with this customer or other shoppers. We may post your answer to our site to benefit other shoppers. By replying to this email you agree to the privacy Unsubscribe from answering questions about all products


Yes! I use it in my front loading machine. Sent from my iPhone


Sure, Just use it like you would if you were using a liquid detergent.  My washer is front load never have had any problems though I'm afraid I don't know what HE washing detergent is.Laura


My favorite blanket wash!  I have never had a problem using it in my front load HE washer.


Yes this can be used in a HE required washer.

Customer Service

No worries. I did with no problems the detergent is low suds and rinses out just fine. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone