Choosing the Right Riding Helmet

for International Helmet Awareness Day

Mid-September will be Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day, which educates riders about wearing a helmet. Schneider Saddlery is proud to participate in this event and will be offering discounts all weekend long on all of our ASTM/SEI certified helmets. We know there are so many options for helmets from a variety of brands. With that in mind, here are some tips to narrowing down your helmet search.

Choosing the Right Riding Helmet - Riding Style

Riding Style

Not all helmets are suitable for every discipline. This can make your options go from fifty helmets to ten very quickly depending on the discipline you ride. In English disciplines, such as Dressage or Hunters, you will notice that a conservative style is more common, but solid colors with some accents are also seen. Whereas for trail riding or barrel racing, patterned or multi-colored helmets are more common.

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Choosing the Right Riding Helmet - Adjustable vs. Fixed Size

Adjustable vs. Fixed Size

It is necessary to measure your head to find the best fitting helmet, but some are designed to be adjustable to fit a wide range of sizes. Adjustable helmets have a number of benefits. They can be used for kids who are still growing, or if someone is in between helmet sizes. Adjustable helmets are also used at many lesson barns, because the helmets will fit a wide range of student sizes. No matter which style you choose, always measure your head, as different brands size differently.

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Choosing the Right Riding Helmet - Removable Liners

Removable Liners

If you ride often, you probably know that your helmet might not smell as fresh as when you first bought it. For people who ride every day or even multiple times a day, removable liners can make life easier. Most removable liners can be put in the wash, and come out looking and smelling clean. You can also buy extras, so you never are without a usable liner. With helmets that have fixed liners, sprays and cleaners are available to be used to clean the helmet and make it smell good.

Customer favorites include:

Choosing the Right Riding Helmet - Trying Your Helmet On

Trying Your Helmet On

Once you’ve picked out a helmet, it is necessary to make sure it fits well. A helmet that doesn’t fit won’t offer the maximum protection in the case of a fall or accident. If the helmet is ordered in the store or purchased online, make sure your hair is worn as you would normally ride. If you always put your hair in a ponytail and then it is tucked into your helmet, try your new helmet on that way. You’d be surprised the difference in sizing it can make.

We hope that if you need a helmet, you take advantage of International Helmet Awareness Day and the discounts it provides. Have safe and fun rides this weekend!