Horse Boots & Leg Wraps

Horse Boots
Horse Boots
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Dura-Tech® Rapid-Wrap No Bow Leg Wraps
33448_black.jpg image Dura-Tech® Rapid-Wrap No Bow Leg Wraps
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Dura-Tech® Rapid-Wrap No Bow Leg Wraps
Lemiuex® Stable Boots
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LeMieux® Stable Boots
6 Colors
Dura-Tech® 8oz Polo Wraps
10623_white.jpg image Dura-Tech® 8oz Polo Wraps
10623_purple.jpg image Dura-Tech® 8oz Polo Wraps
10623_black.jpg image Dura-Tech® 8oz Polo Wraps
10623_navy.jpg image Dura-Tech® 8oz Polo Wraps
10623_burgundy.jpg image Dura-Tech® 8oz Polo Wraps
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Dura-Tech® 8oz Polo Wraps
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Iconoclast® Hind Orthopedic Support Boots
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Iconoclast® Hind Orthopedic Support Boots
$98.00 - $106.99
$79.99 - $91.99
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Professional's Choice® SMB3 Boots - Value Pack
30581_black.jpg image Professional's Choice® SMB3 Boots - Value Pack
30581_white.jpg image Professional's Choice® SMB3 Boots - Value Pack
30581_charcoal.jpg image Professional's Choice® SMB3 Boots - Value Pack
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Professional's Choice® SMB3 Boots - Value Pack
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Lux Ceramic Therapy® Quick Wraps
Scoot Boot Hoof Boots Slim - Pair
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Splint / Sport Medicine Horse Boots

Our protective horse boots for sale at Schneiders prevent injury and provide support for your equine athlete. We have the best prices on your favorites from Professional's Choice®, Iconoclast®, Weaver, Woof Wear, Classic Equine®, Joseph Sterling®, Lami-Cell, Dura-Tech®, DSB, Eskadron®, Veredus®, Equilibrium, Majyk, and EquiFit®. Splint boots, also called brushing boots, protect a horse's lower leg from injury that can occur during exercise, if a hoof or leg hits the opposite leg. Features of these include lightweight flexibility, built-in strike plate, hypoallergenic lining and waterproof design. SMB boots, also known as sports medicine boots or support boots, are designed to protect your horse's legs from being injured by its other legs or objects such as jumps. They also help to prevent overstretching of the tendon. Materials include multilayered, ventilated neoprene and UltraShock lining, and certain models have an antimicrobial lining. Some styles include a higher front cut for proper fit with bell boots. Various colors and limited-edition designs are available. Jumping boots are horse boots that protect your horse's legs during rigorous jump courses. They're typically made from strong yet lightweight material and may have strike pads for added protection for the inside of the horse's leg. They have a ventilated dual hardness outer shell, shock absorbing air cushion and a design that dissipates energy from any impact.

Skid Boots and Knee Boots for Horses

Leg protection is vitally important for your horse whether they're working hard on the farm, training for a competition or out on a casual trail ride. Schneiders has an assortment of horse knee boots and skid boots that will guard their lower legs against kicks, knocks, falls, hard stops and other impacts that can cause serious knee injuries. Our knee boots and padded skid boots will reduce the risk of setbacks such as bone contusions, hyper-extensions, pastern burns and other injuries. Horse skid boots have tough neolite skid cups that shield the lower leg. We have classic strap-on skid horse boots, from Classic Equine®, made of soft chap leather, as well as, Professional's Choice® VenTECH™ skid boots that cover the entire fetlock area to keep out dirt and debris. Neoprene knee boots for horses are another option that provides superior protection without restricting movement. Our Classic Equine® black knee boots are also good for holding bandages in place if a wound does occur, as well as, giving the knee any extra support and protection, it needs.

Bell Boots and Overreach Boots

Our Dura-Tech® bell boots range from ribbed rubber double-lock bell boots for rugged protection, double-lock bell boots with fleece lining to help prevent any chafing and provide comfort, and no turn bell boots with a shock-absorbing lining and a built-in heel knob to prevent spinning. We have bell boots made from heavy-duty neoprene, ballistic nylon, rubber, gum rubber and PVC. For horses that are sensitive to synthetic materials, there are bell boots with sheepskin collars. There are also weighted bell horse boots that provide protection while helping to develop muscle and improve gait. Alongside our Dura-Tech® bell boots and overreach boots, we carry your favorite brands at prices you will love, such as: Professional's Choice®, Davis®, Weaver Leather®, Veredus®, Woof Wear, and Majyk.Bell boots, also known as overreach boots, are an inexpensive horse boot to protect your horse from potentially serious injuries caused from overreaching and interference from their hind feet that might occur during turnout and riding. Overreaching is a timing problem with the horse's gait, which causes the horse's hind feet to hit the back of the fore feet. This can cause injury to the sensitive heel bulbs or pasterns, and it might also cause them to pull off a shoe.

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