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Horse Hobbles & Kicking Chains

Stop your horse's bad and damaging habit of kicking by using horse hobbles and kicking chains.
Horse hobbles and kicking chains
Horse hobbles and kicking chains
Put a stop to your horse's habit of kicking by using kicking chains or horse hobbles to reduce the risk of injuries to your horse or the people around them, as well as damage to your property from constant kicking.
Dura-Tech® Fleece Lined Kicking Chains
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Dura-Tech® Fleece Lined Hobbles with Chain
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Billy Royal Sheepskin Ankle Hobbles 2" Wide
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When to Use Horse Hobbles or Horse Kicking Chains

Horse hobbles are a great training tool for breaking horses or for trail riders that involve camping where you don’t want your horse to wander off or run away while at camp. They can also be used to teach a horse not to panic when they feel trapped or while working on a horse that has a habit of kicking. Horse hobbles and horse kick chains are designed to be comfortable, with many having sheepskin or fleece lining.

Kicking chains are soft cuffs around a horse’s ankles with short chains hanging off them. If a horse kicks or strikes, the fast action can cause the chain to make noise or sting, causing the horse to stop the habit and helping prevent injuries from stall kicking. Horse kick chains can be worn by your horse while in the stall, which also may help curb the bad habit of kicking the walls during feeding time which can injure your horse and damage the stall walls.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Hobbles and Kicking Chains

What are horse hobbles?

Horse hobbles are two straps, usually made from leather or a fleece lined nylon, connected with a chain or strap, preventing your horse from getting away quickly and wandering off while camped on the trail or used during training a horse.

When should you hobble a horse?

You should hobble a horse once they have been trained to give to pressure and not panic when pressure is applied to its legs. Most horse owners use hobbles when camping with their horse to prevent them from wandering off, or while on a trail or doing ranch work and needing to keep your horse in one place while you complete a task, without holding them or keeping them tied.

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