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Horse Hobbles & Kicking Chains

Stop your horse's bad and damaging habit of kicking by using horse hobbles and kicking chains.
Horse hobbles and kicking chains
Horse hobbles and kicking chains
Restrain your horses without harming them by using high-quality horse hobbles. Schneiders has hobbles and kicking chains for horses that will teach them desired behavior. Find the right horse hobble from brands such as Dura-Tech® and Billy Royal®.
Dura-Tech® Anti Kicking Cuff with Chain
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The average rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars 23 Reviews
Dura-Tech® Fleece Lined Hobbles with Chain
save 23%
The average rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars 9 Reviews
Billy Royal® Sheepskin Ankle Hobbles 2" Wide
save 30%
The average rating for this product is 3.5 out of 5 stars 3 Reviews

When to Use Horse Hobbles

The best horse hobbles control kicking and pawing without harming the animal. At their basic level, hobbles are a strap, rope or chain that goes around the legs to prevent or limit movement. While they were used in the past to break a horse’s spirit, they are an effective and humane modern tool.

Hobbles are used by riders and trainers. Trail riders attach them to prevent horses from running off from camp. Trainers use horse hobbles to help curb pawing and kicking habits in stalls or trailers. They also assist with keeping horses still when grooming and teaching them not to panic when trapped.

High-Quality Kicking Chains

Our hobble restraints and kicking chains for horses are designed to be effective and comfortable. They’re made with adjustable nylon cuffs and a stainless steel chain and hardware. Fleece-lined hobble chains prevent rubbing or chaffing that could further aggravate a horse. Hobbles are available in multiple chain lengths for different horse sizes and restraint levels needed.

Hock hobbles are an advanced training option. These hobbles train horses in controlling their gait with proper technique. Schneiders has a low-price guarantee on premium equine hobbles that set the standard.

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