Vibration Therapy & TheraPlate

Vibration Therapy & TheraPlate
Vibration Therapy & TheraPlate
TheraPlate is a revolutionary therapy that uses small, circular movements to stimulate contraction of the muscles and improve circulation, preventing and relieving various conditions and speeding up injury recovery. Also known as Vortex Wave Circulation Therapy, this advanced system is far superior to ordinary vibration therapy, and it works from the inside out to achieve powerful healing results without negatively impacting joints. It has been found that TheraPlate can speed up injury recovery by as much as 50 percent.
TheraPlate - Equine
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Theraplate K-12 2'x6'
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Theraplate Human 2'x3'
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Vibration Therapy: How Does TheraPlate Work?

With smooth, quiet operation, the TheraPlate system uses small, circular motions for zero-impact stimulation. Available in both equine and human models in different sizes, this unique system has many physical benefits without any risk to joints. The treatment is so pleasant, even horses enjoy it!

The original Equine TheraPlate comes as two mobile plates for a total size of 7 feet long by 3 feet wide for easy transport. Each plate weighs 80 pounds. There is a smaller equine model, the K-12, which measures 6 feet by 2 feet and also comes as two plates. This version is smaller and lighter. The human TheraPlate models are available in three sizes - K4 (2 feet square), K6 (2 feet by 3 feet) and K12 (two plates, 2 feet by 3 feet each).

What are the Benefits of TheraPlate Therapy?

Beneficial results of TheraPlate Therapy are confirmed by customers, veterinarians and competition winners. In horses, TheraPlate has produced proven results for chronic inflammation, suspensory/flexor tendon injury, cushings, navicular syndrome and other conditions. This therapeutic system is also ideal for warming up horses for improved performance and for increasing bone density and redevelopment. It can be used to prevent injuries, for recovery and for conditioning. During stall rest, TheraPlate helps maintain bone and muscle density without risking further injury.

For humans, it has shown to relieve arthritis, high blood pressure, MS and chronic fatigue syndrome. The machines are designed for home use or in gyms, clinics, training facilities and doctors' offices.

Learn More About TheraPlate and Request a Free Trial!

See the product detail pages to learn more about TheraPlate, speak to a TheraPlate specialist or request a free trial. Yes, you can try TheraPlate risk-free - we offer financing as well.

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