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Equilibrium Horse Boots

Equilibrium Horse Boots
If you're looking for a boot that's comfortable for your horse and will help them perform their best, look no further than Equilibrium boots. These boots offer superior breathability and freedom of movement, so your horse's legs can stay cool and comfortable during your ride. The Stretch & Flex#8482; Flatwork Wraps also provide support and protection against knocks and bumps, making them ideal for flatwork, lunging or hacking.

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Equilibrium Boots Provide Superior Horse Leg Protection

Equilibrium Horse Boots are designed and developed with cutting-edge materials and technology to provide your horse’s legs with protection regardless of discipline. Lightweight, breathable and flexible, Equilibrium Boots are comfortable and strong. Equilibrium safety tests their boots for protection against impact and perforation at independent labs to ensure their strength while maintaining their lightweight, flexible traits.

The second you pick up a pair of Equilibrium Boots, you will feel the difference. The Equilibrium Boot is impressive from the start and much lighter and softer than you'd expect. Upon fitting the boot to your horse’s leg, you can’t help but notice how easy it molds to the leg and how light it is. Whether you are looking for protection from impact or perforation, Equilibrium Horse Boots are an excellent choice for your horse.

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