The changing season means cooler weather, decreasing daylight, and often, a change in routines. This makes fall a good time to stop and evaluate your horse’s needs. Fall maintenance should include routine vaccines and wormers, along with a review of the changes that might be needed to your horse’s nutrition. Whether you are just coming off a busy show season or gearing up for fall and winter activities, this transition time is crucial to your horse’s health and well-being. We have a line-up of horse products that can make everything a little easier–from cold weather grooming and clean-up to practical gear for changing weather conditions.

10 Horse Products to Help Prepare You and Your Horse for the Change in Seasons

    Ultra Tail Revive Restore Spray

  1. Ultra® Tail Revive Restore Spray

    What is it? Gentle glycerin-based spray immediately soothes irritated areas on your horse's mane or tail, moisturizing hair to reduce itching and encourage regrowth. Use every day for problem tails, then up to three times a week for regular maintenance.

    Why is it useful? The changing season can bring on dryness, itching and tangles that break hair and dull the tail’s natural sheen. Fall is the perfect time to put this moisturizing spray to work. As the weather turns cool and bathing becomes less frequent, the tail is particularly susceptible to rubs, dryness and breakage. Beginning your conditioning regimen now can help ensure a healthy, shiny mane and tail throughout the fall and winter.

  2. Ultra Nourishing Hair Moisturizer

  3. Ultra® Nourishing Hair Moisturizer

    What is it? The most advanced, all natural lanolin-based leave-in moisturizer on the market. Comes in a super-concentrated formula - just 2 oz makes 32 ounces to use as a spray for mane, tails, and coat.

    Why is it helpful? Fall and winter bring any number of grooming challenges–dry skin, rub spots, flaky dander, sensitive clipped coats. And this lanolin formula can help with all of them. Easy to use on wet or dry coats, manes and tails to improve hair strength, thickness and elasticity while repelling dirt, controlling dry skin and dandruff. Perfect for use even on horses with the most sensitive skin. For best results, use after clipping or daily grooming to restore dry, brittle coats.

  4. Wahl Acro SE Cordless Clipper

  5. Wahl® Arco SE Cordless Clipper

    What is it? This cordless clipper kit comes with a charger stand, 2 NiMH batteries, detachable blade, blade oil, cleaning brush, guide combs, carrying case and instructions. Extra quiet operation eases the anxiety for nervous horses.

    Why is it helpful? If your horse will be working throughout the fall and winter, clipping their thick winter coat helps to keep them from overheating and allow them to cool down more easily. We begin clipping in October, and maintain coats every 3 to 5 weeks throughout the fall and winter season. This cordless clipper makes the job easier by helping you keep your horse’s clip looking neat between full body clips. For less active horses, this clipper is ideal for trimming up legs and fetlocks to keep them clean out in wet or muddy paddocks.

  6. Betty’s Best Skin and Coat Cloth Wipes

  7. Betty’s Best Skin & Coat Cloth Wipes

    What is it? Natural bamboo cloths for horses offer an all-in-one convenience for cleaning the entire body. Can be used to wipe down any part of the body, including face, ears, body, belly, paws and bum. The hypoallergenic ingredients of plant extracts and essential oils clean, deodorize, nourish, and soothe the skin and coat.

    Why is it helpful? Whatever the season, convenience counts, but especially when the conditions aren’t right for a complete rinse. That’s why these cloths are one of our favorite go-to grooming aids for quick clean-ups between workouts or to freshen up your horse before going into the ring. (and yes, we’ve used them on humans too!) Oversized and reusable, a quick swipe removes dust, grime and sweat. Perfect for wiping away sweat marks from the head and neck, cleaning sensitive areas like ears, eyes, and muzzle. A must for your ringside grooming bag.

  8. Scrub and Shine Grooming Mitt

  9. Scrub and Shine Grooming Mitt

    What is it? The scrub and shine grooming mitt is double-sided with soft, flexible rubber nodules on one side and soft fabric on the other for easy grooming.

    Why is it helpful? Too cold for a rinse after a long ride? This grooming mitt is several tools in one, giving you a convenient way to do a quick clean-up without the need for soap and water. One side of the mitt scrubs out dirt and sweat marks while providing an invigorating rubdown that your horse will love. It works well for loosening and collecting hair during shedding season and between baths too. The soft side picks up dust, lint and helps to shine up the coat.

  10. Dura-Tech Supreme Stall Front Bag

  11. Dura-Tech® Supreme Stall Front Bag

    What is it? Versatile stall bag conveniently stores horsewear, wraps, grooming supplies, accessories and easily transitions from barn to trailer to show grounds.

    Why is it helpful? How do you organize all the extra stuff that you and your equine partner need to bring along when the weather starts to change? This sturdy bag handles heavy loads and continuous use with ease, roomy enough to carry essential cool-weather horse products like sheets, blankets, and grooming supplies, plus maybe a jacket or two for yourself. Just hang it nearby, and voila! Your own traveling tack room.

  12. Adjusta-Fit SuperQuilt V-Free Leg Strap Stable Blanket - Midweight

  13. Adjusta-Fit® SuperQuilt® V-Free® Leg Strap Stable Blanket - Midweight

    What is it? This heavy-duty medium weight stable blanket allows your horse to stay comfortable and warm in the stable.

    Why is it helpful? Clipping your horse for fall has many advantages, but how do they handle the drop in temperature? Many horses adjust quickly to their shorter hair, but if your horse is sensitive or thin-skinned, you may notice him shivering with his new haircut. If the barn temperature drops below 50 degrees, we recommend using a medium-weight blanket. For horses with medium or thick coats, a midweight blanket can be worn below 45 degrees F.

  14. Stormshield Blanket

  15. Stormshield Blanket

    What is it? Turnout blanket that is built to provide excellent protection in wet, windy weather.

    Why is it helpful? Horses need fresh air and freedom, even when the weather turns cold. Their coats are naturally designed to protect them from the elements. But when we strip off that protective layer by clipping them, they may have a more difficult time coping with wind, rain and chilly temperatures. This can also be true for sensitive, aging, or ailing horses. Our heavy-duty waterproof turnout blanket allows your “outdoorsy” horse to enjoy their turnout while staying comfortable and dry.

  16. Dura-Tech Printed Contour Fleece Cooler

  17. Dura-Tech® Printed Contour Fleece Cooler

    What is it? Plush double sided non-pilling polar fleece cooler for lightweight layering.

    Why is it helpful? We love to put on a warm fleece at the end of a chilly day. So why wouldn’t they? Our fleece cooler keeps your horse warm and dry after a bath or a ride, and makes a great traveling layer in the trailer between locations. Unlike wool coolers that can get heavy when wet, our fleece cooler stays light and can be thrown into the washer and dryer after use.

  18. Dura-Tech Waterproof/Breathable Quarter Sheet

  19. Dura-Tech® Waterproof/Breathable Quarter Sheet

    What is it? This waterproof exercise sheet protects the horse, rider and saddle from cold rain while warming the horse's hindquarters and rider's legs.

    Why is it helpful? Sometimes the partnership between horse and rider means sharing some pretty lousy conditions. While we can’t help solve all of those problems, we do know a solution that can make a cold, wet day easier to bear. A quarter sheet is essential gear for horses and riders who are outside together in cold or wet weather. It is handy for protecting your team from rain and chill while waiting ringside, and ideal for trail riding or hunting when conditions can turn cold and miserable. Use it under the saddle to protect horse’s legs and hind quarters, or over saddle to also cover tack and rider’s legs.