What’s the Difference Between Gastrogard and Ulcergard?

We want to ensure our horses always get the best care and the right products, so what is the difference between Gastrogard and Ulcergard? The main difference between these two products is that one is prescribed by your veterinarian, and the other is not. But let’s dig deeper.

What are the similarities between Gastrogard and Ulcergard:

  • Manufactured by Merial®
  • FDA Approved
  • Contain 2.28 grams of Omezprazole per syringe
  • Are administered orally as a paste
  • Have the same safety margins, warning labels, and storage recommendations
  • Similar in cost per syringe

What are the differences between Gastrogard and Ulcergard:

  • Gastrogard is used to TREAT existing stomach ulcers
  • Ulcergard is used to PREVENT existing stomach ulcers
  • You administer 1 full syringe of Gastrogard daily
  • You administer ¼ of a syringe of Ulcergard daily
  • Gastrogard requires a prescription from a veterinarian
  • Ulcergard can be purchased over the counter

If you suspect your horse has Stomach Ulcers, contact your veterinarian to perform a clinical exam. If stomach ulcers are diagnosed, your veterinarian can prescribe you Gatrogard. If used as directed, your horse’s should improve or heal within 28 days, depending on the severity of the diagnosis.

You can purchase Ulcergard if your horse develops ulcers during stressful situations, including trailering, competing, trailering, etc. If used as directed, this can prevent ulcers from forming.

Horses suffering from ulcers may display clinical signs of poor appetite, dullness, attitude change, weight loss, decreased performance, loose stool or diarrhea, or recurrent colic. Call your veterinarian to discuss your options if your horse exhibits one or more of these symptoms.

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