Show Ring Ready Horse

4 Easy Steps

My horses have always been the pigpen types so proper grooming products are important. That sounds like a no-brainer, but not all products are created equal. There has been plenty of trial and error to find what works best and how to get a show ring ready horse.

Suds em Up

Suds ‘em Up

I usually keep a whitening shampoo in my tack trunk at home and one for horse shows. Start with the Ultra® Enhanced Intense Brightening Shampoo to get the cleanest horse possible. You won’t risk staining your horse purple with this shampoo. The new formula is meant to enhance all coat colors. This saves me using multiple shampoos on my horse who only has two white socks. A clean horse is the base for that gleaming show look.

Conditioning and Detangling to your horses mane and tails

Condition & Detangle

After your horse is clean, you’ll want to condition their tail and coat. The Ultra Mane & Tail Conditioner is a quick and easy leave-in formula. It works great in manes and tails as well as on the coat. Depending on the discipline, it is not always advised to condition a mane the day before the show. It is not always easy to braid a slick, conditioned mane. I will usually rinse and condition my horse’s mane the weekend before a show. After that, I won’t condition the mane. If detangling the hair is needed, the Ultra® Magic Detangler works well without damaging the hair.

Make em Shine

Make ‘em Shine

At the horse show, you may want to add to your horse’s shining coat. You can add definition with Ultra Face Highlighter to the face, ears, or muscles on the body. My horse has a smaller, dainty head, so I highlight her face with clear highlighter to accentuate that. She doesn’t have much white on her face, so the highlighter gives her that extra touch. For highlighting purposes, you can also add Ultra Final Touch Shining Spray to coats, manes, and tails. For any last-minute touch ups for white legs, or covering scars, now would be the time to apply Ultra Grooming Chalk. This is easier to apply than colored spray and gives you the ability to be more precise.

Twinkle the Toes

Twinkle the Toes

Enhancing the hooves is the last step to the grooming process. Ultra Hoof Polish will repel dust and add a glossy finish to hooves and it provides a quicker drying formula. This allows less room for smudges. Ultra Hoof Polish Enhancer intensifies the shine and reduces the appearance of ridges in the hoof. The Ultra Hoof Polish Enhancer can be used alone or on top of Ultra Hoof Polish.

Our grooming products are meant to prolong the length of time between baths by repelling dust and dirt. They assist in keeping your horse looking their best throughout the entire horse show.